Fleur Alpha Cream If the mask is too thin, cover it with half a teaspoon of potato starch. Clean your face and neck with milk, and then wipe the skin with a tonic or rinse with warm water. Use your fingers to apply the mask to your face and neck, not forgetting the place under the chin and near the ears. Do not apply the mask to the area around the eyes. In order for the mask to work more efficiently, it is better to lie down and relax the muscles. After 20 minutes, wipe off the mass from the face with moist cotton swabs, and then wash thoroughly with cool water. During the procedure, cover your eyes with cotton pads dipped in strong tea leaves or infusion of chamomile. Another simple option is worth a try: a mask of fresh fruit. It’s easy to do. Cleanse your face with lotion or tonic, and then wipe the skin with a half-cut grape or strawberry. Grape juice softens the skin, makes it silky, removes small peeling. Strawberry brightens and refreshes the face, gently exfoliating dead skin cells. Leave the berry juice on the skin for not 15-20 minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water. In conclusion, apply cream to the face. For oily, porous and dull skin, an herbal mask is suitable. It tones the face, returns to it a healthy glow and elasticity. Take 2 teaspoons of dried chamomile, lavender and lime blossom, add 1 teaspoon of sage. Fold the herbs in a porcelain mortar and carefully rub with a pestle. Pour boiling water over the mixture so that a thick slurry is obtained. Cover the mixture with a lid so that the herbs are steamed. The set of herbs for the mask can be changed. Chamomile, yarrow, coltsfoot have beneficial effects on oily skin. Cleanse your face with face wash and warm water. Pat your skin with a towel and apply a warm mask, being careful not to get on your lips and eyelids. It is convenient to use a small wooden or plastic spatula.